Culinary Caravan rode to Helsinki

Culinary Caravan is a joint venture between MERCURIA Business School, Helmi Business College and Perho Culinary School, as well as schools from Latvia, Spain and Italy. The idea for this collaboration is to get to know students from other cultures and countries and come together to form a real multicultural restaurant.

The first restaurant venture for the Culinary Caravan students took place this December. The students from all over Europe planned ahead the project in their respective schools, coming together for Skype-assisted meetings. The idea for the 2016 restaurant was to have a pop-up restaurant in the form of a food truck and a separate market stall at the annual Teurastamo Christmas market in Helsinki. The restaurant would serve a mix of the cultural dishes that come from each represented country and the market stall would have special Christmas confectionaries.

The students came together at the start of the week in Perho Culinary School where the final planning and took place. The visiting students from Latvia, Spain and Italy got the chance to sightsee around Helsinki, and at the end of the day a welcome party was held in MERCURIA. On Saturday 17th December the students got to open the long-planned food truck and during the weekend made a lot of late Christmas shoppers happy serving good food and pastries.

The next stop for the Culinary Caravan will be Spain in May where the students will plan a new one of a kind restaurant.