International Mercuria

International operations in Mercuria are active and versatile. We take part in several projects and our students and staff participate in international activities abroad and at home.

European Innovative Teaching Award 2022

Mercuria has earned international acclaim for its ambitious projects. We won the European Innovative Teaching Award 2022, which is a recognition of the pedagogical work of teachers and their educational institutions in various European cooperation projects.

The focus of the award was on innovative teaching and learning methods that aim to meet the challenges posed by a rapidly changing world throughout Europe.

International Projects

Erasmus+ -mobility programs offer new and more flexible way for our students and staff mobilities.

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International Internships

Every year many students from Mercuria go abroad to do internships. We have several partners in Spain, Malta, and other European countries, who offer internships of different lengths to our students. Mercuria supports financially our students’ international internships, so each of our students has the opportunity to travel abroad to work in an international environment.